Diakonische Basisgemeinschaft in Hamburg
Arbeit für Frieden und Gerechtigkeit
Gastfreundschaft für Flüchtlinge
Leben in Gemeinschaft
What's been going on in 2001?

This is the 5th year of Brot & Rosen house of hospitality in Hamburg!

One development in these past years have been the declining fluctuation of refugees living with us. There seems to be less and less an alternative to our house (besides not-voluntarily going back to their country) which lets the people stay on for even some years but without being happy about that. At this point we don't really know what to do and what to think about that - except that we all enjoy the growing feeling of closeness and friendship.

In May we rented a new apartement next door and so now have additional four rooms. Birke, now volunteer from Quaker Peace and Service, will eventually become a community member and moved into the new flat together with her five year old son Jonas.

After Jens and Ute leaving the community (and Germany) we had the lowest numbers of community members ever since. But luckily Johannes became a new community member at easter time.

On Good Friday we for the second time organized a stations of the cross through the inner parts of the city. 70 people joined us in our march against injustice and exclusion.

We were supporting Susan and Martin in their ploughshare action through vigiling in front of the British Consulate in Hamburg.

We were part of a nationwide campaign against atomic energy and the storage of atomic waste in buildings not save enough. At the same time we - after a new law in Germany made this possible for the first time - now receive mainly alternative energy (sun, wind, gas).

And still we have our monthly round table discussion of which one of the most moving in the past few months has been listening to Ruth-Alice von Bismarck talking about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and her sister Maria (Dietrich's bride).


Unsere Gastfreundschaft für obdachlose Flücht­linge wird erst mög­lich durch Spenden und ehren­amtliche Mitarbeit


Hausgottesdienste, Offene Abende und immer wieder mal ein Fest: Herzlich will­kommen bei uns im Haus der Gast­freund­schaft


Möchten Sie regel­mäßig von uns hören und mit­bekommen, was pas­siert? Abonnieren Sie am besten unseren kosten­losen Rundbrief


Immer wieder fragen uns interessierte Menschen, ob und wann sie uns be­suchen kommen können. Wir freuen uns sehr über dieses Inter­esse.